Ascendant in scorpio

Trusted Psychic Mediums. What does it really mean to be Scorpio rising? There is often much confusion about this topic so let me explain the key traits and aspects of the Ascendant Scorpio sign. Answer the following questions —. Do you feel like you have a tough time forgiving people? Do you often find yourself getting so excited about an idea that you become obsessed?

Have you ever fall in love with somebody and you are willing basically to give up everything for that person? While there are some horoscope signs that tend to produce these reactions, chances are you could also be a Scorpio rising. People born ascendant in Scorpio or who have a Scorpio rising personality are very intense. This is a person who is actually born under the sign of the Scorpio.

This way you can see how much of your regular horoscope sign impacts your decision-making processes, your assumptions and your expectations and how you view other people and which part you can attribute to the fact that you are ascendant in Scorpio.

By having a clear idea of the distribution of these elements in your personality, you can take better control of how you respond to other people in circumstances. By being aware of it now, and understanding the tendencies you tend to go, you can take more control of your life and possibly make better decisions.

A very interesting aspect of the Scorpio personality is that they are loyal until the end. Unless you gave them a reason to think you are not loyal to them or betray them, Scorpios will stick to you until the end.

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The Scorpio, after all, is a water sign. Among all horoscope signs, the Scorpio is probably the most intense. When you look at the human condition and experiences, the underlined bedrock is really human capacity for emotion. Unfortunately for the Scorpio is that traditionally their intensity has always been framed in the form of seductiveness.

Sure, Scorpios are seductive, both in terms of attracting people as well as being great in bed and as a powerful partner. But, that is just a powerful fraction of the overall intensity that they bring to the table. They have unmatched intensity. The interesting thing about the Scorpio, however, is that if they feel defeated and if they feel that the big cause or the big project in their life failed for some reason or other, they lose this intensity.

There are many Scorpios that have no ambition, that would not take a bullet for any cause or even stand up for their family; they have just lost all interest. If there is anything to learn from this is that people who are ascendant in Scorpio as well as people born under this classical Scorpio sign tend to operate in extremes.

But, in many cases, Scorpios end up, giving up their lives for something that really is worthless.

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They tend to paint themselves in a corner and regret all those wasted years. Another key element of the Scorpio personality that people with a Scorpio rising personality need to be aware of is that Scorpios tend to have a tough time forgiving people.As per ancient Vedic Astrology, Scorpio Ascendant man and woman has many exceptional qualities. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the natural zodiac. When Scorpio becomes rising sign, meaning it occupies the first house of the chart, induces its sublimity in the native.

Person having Vrishchik Lagna Scorpio Ascendant in horoscope inherits some fundamental basic traits from almighty which renders native to play his role in this world of mortals. The characteristics of the sign will be clearly reflected in actions reactions profoundly at large and will be distinguishable as the ascendant is our body which acts as a tool for performing our role destined in this life.

In many cases it is seen that native may have two wives or such kind of conditions of illegitimacy chances intensify when lagna happens to be of dual nature Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Bestows native with generosity, warmth, decent heart and of adorable character who is respected in society.

Gains through enemies and thus troubles too. Dedicated towards responsibilities and duties in regard to family, kith and kin. Wealthy and possess beautiful eyes. Valor, courage will be the marked feature of this native, inherent capability to take charge and initiate. Fortune favors the native in all endeavors.

ascendant in scorpio

Lagna lord posited in 3 rd house makes the native intelligent, satisfied and joyful. Native will be adorable and respectful in the society. This is the good place for the ascendant lord to land up, signifies peace of mind, wealth, famous, domestic happiness, harmonies among siblings with clear and fair complexion.

Native possess nice mannerism, etiquettes. Native possess vehicles, properties and fixed assets which will be self-earned or through mother or maternal side.

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This placement of lagna lord is considered auspicious gives health, wealth and prosperity. Attracts political and support from government, makes person somewhat short tempered and serving others. Earns through trade, commerce and diplomatic services. But trouble to children and not much happiness through them if afflicted.

Not appreciated in terms of placement of lagna lord. Native may be having troubled health all along life with one or other types of diseases. Immunity system is not so much strengthened. Yet native will courageous and fortunate, intelligent.

Debts monetary or karmic may be troubling native but met and liquidated. Native will be good at service, can join armed forces or can be a doctor.

Usually denotes disharmony in married life, trouble to partner is indicated subservient to the parents-in laws. If it is fortified well then it could indicate material gains, settlement in foreign land and native occupies much wealth there.

Native later in life turn to be detached from family and society or sometimes renounces. Travels a lot in life. Again, not good for health, in the beginning health may be sound but as the time passes one or other health issues will pop up and dependency on medicine will increase. Native will be learned, good at speculations and will be good in occultism, para vidya as well. Native will be of helping nature, religious and dies peacefully but suddenly.

Good position for ascendant lord, makes person fortunate in all endeavors. Father will be rich and famous. Bestows native with good amount of paternal maternal properties, beautiful, well cultured spouse and children.

Native will be having religiously oriented mind, will take pride in helping and protecting others.The Ascendant or Rising sign is the name given to the sign on the eastern horizon during the time of birth of an individual. Having Scorpio as your Ascendant means that during your birth, the sign of Scorpio was rising from above the ground, the same way that the Sun rises.

Thus, you should also be examining the condition of Mars when referring to your Ascendant.

ascendant in scorpio

Our Rising Sign is a very important astrological parameter, even though many theories are proposed by different astrologers and astrological systems. Still, most agree that the Ascendant defines our body and physical characteristics, also playing a strong role in the development of our character.

This is quite natural, as the 1st house the Ascendant being on its cusp is responsible for our ego, self-perception and behavior. If your Ascendant is at the last degrees of a sign, you can consider the next sign as a co-Ascendant. Many people though, experience the next sign to behave as the Rising sign a lot more than the one which is actually rising. Before we continue with the traits the sign grants, we should mention that depending on the geographical latitude, each sign needs slightly different time to ascend.

If we are born near the equator, the differences are hardly visible. Yet, the closer we are born to any of the two poles, the better the differences between signs can be visible. This is also the reason why people born in rather extreme northern or southern latitudes can experience rather strange natal charts, with some houses being huge while some others quite small. As always, we propose to our readers to use the Placidus system in calculating their houses, because we find it to function better both on our own charts and on the charts of other people that we have analyzed.

In the northern hemisphere, Libra is rising rather slowly. When someone is born at 50 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need two hours and forty minutes to rise fully. At a city placed at 60 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need around three hours and fifteen minutes.

Thus, a person born on the Northern hemisphere has statistically more possibilities to have a Scorpio Ascendant, when the average time a sign needs to Ascend is two hours.

As we already mentioned, individuals with a Scorpio Ascendant will have Pluto as their chart ruler. The planet of death and transformation will be very important in their lives, and also strongly connected with their physical body, vitality and appearance. Mars, as the old ruler of the sign, will have his part of influence too. Their body and self will be affected not only by transits of planets through their Ascendant, but also by transits to Pluto and Mars.

In addition, natal aspects of other planets to the chart ruler, while also its location in a particular house, will play a strong role. People with Scorpio rising, must take care to empower their Pluto and Mars in healthy ways, as their functions will always have a positive or negative effect overall on their chart, touching all their life areas.

Having Scorpio as your Ascendant feels like having Pluto in your 1st house. The native has a seductive look, and a highly sexual body. The eyes are piercing and hide promises, full of mystery and lust. The nose can frequently be crooked, and the eyebrows may be representing some nightly bird. The overall appearance of the face is usually quite powerful, and could be more easily described as dangerous than sweet.

The muscles are well-shaped and the overall condition of the body appears to be athletic, even if the individual is not exercising. Even when a Scorpio Ascendant person is not beautiful, he still has those dark erotic vibes, luring others to become their sexual prey.

As Scorpio is a water sign, it will make the overall presence of a Scorpio Ascendant person liquid.They have an aura about them that lets others know they are not to be pushed about. They command respect, and with some, even fear. They can be loud or quiet, but their determination always shines through.

Some born under this Ascendant are rather confused by the strong reactions they get from others. Some people are intimidated by this, while others find it very interesting.

Scorpio Ascendant likes their privacy to the point of appearing paranoid. They need to control their surroundings and can strategize to their benefit. They move with care and deliberation, relying on their inner sense to figure out their situation and what others may do. Scorpio Rising wants a partner who is down to earth and reliable. They want someone who is loyal and who wants a long term commitment. They want love to last forever, and if they are betrayed, they take it personally and the offending party will pay.

They like others with magnetic personalities. They are often very accommodating and pleasant that you may not have a clue to what their real personality is like.

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Scorpio Ascendant has the power to recover from economic, mental and physical problems that would be overwhelming for someone else. They have very strong defense mechanisms and don't like to make a decision unless they have all the pertinent facts. You won't learn much about Scorpio Rising's personal life until you've earned it.

The Scorpio Rising Personality

Socially, Scorpio Ascendant is soft-spoken and quiet, unless they're catching up with an old friend. They are passionate and creative. The intensity with which they can pursue their goals is rivaled only by their tenacity. They welcome competition. Scorpio Ascendant has a real stubborn streak, and it is difficult to get them to change their mind once it is made up.

They are emotional creatures, but they are rather adept at hiding this vulnerability. They are good at observing details and can be shrewd when it comes to taking risks. Energetic and ambitious, Scorpio Rising seeks activities that are financially rewarding as well as challenging them physically or mentally.

They are very resourceful and clever. In a crisis, Scorpio Ascendant will be cool, courageous and persistent. The worse the situation, the more quietly they work at the task of seeing it through to the end. Scorpio Rising is intuitive and sometimes psychic. This makes it imperative that they not give in to their sarcasm as it may strike deeper than they intend. They may have healing talents. Return from Scorpio Rising back to Rising Signs.

Astrology Signs - Home. If you like my site about Astrology Signs, please click on the Like button. If you use Facebook, you will see your "Like" at Facebook. Clicking on "Always Astrology" when in Facebook returns you here. If you have not logged into Facebook recently, a login window will open when you click on the Like button. Logging in will register your Like with Facebook. You can also share this specific pageWhilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

Your Scorpio Ascendant or Rising Sign reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you. As such, it describes the ways in which we project ourselves out into the environment as well as the kinds of experiences we need to have in order to make life meaningful. The combination of Sun, Moon and Ascendant describe what you want Sunwhat you need Moonand the style in which you will go about getting it Ascendant.

Planetary Ruler: Pluto and Mars. Born with Scorpio on your Ascendant or Rising you are likely to experience life as a constant series of obstacles or crises in which you learn about the nature of power through transformation. Whilst this may seem challenging, once understood in terms of a life lesson, you have the potential to be an inspirational and catalytic individual. Your strength and insight gives you the ability to change your own life and help others overcome whatever is holding them back.

On the one hand, this is a difficult Ascendant. On the other it offers you a magnetic and charismatic quality that makes you fascinating to others and deeply perceptive. There is much in the experience of Scorpio Rising that involves learning to transform yourself and others through episodes of conflict, challenge and subsequent letting go. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and Houseas well as your Moon sign must of course be considered as well.

When your Ascendant is Scorpio, a confrontation with that which is dark, hidden, destructive and taboo in your own nature is often required. Despite your best intentions, you may need to deal with negative, toxic and obsessive emotional states that seem to plague you.

Such destructive qualities need to be internally transformed by being acknowledged, accepted and brought into the light. Schedule a consultation with Damian Rocks to help really understand what you feel. You may also meet the same qualities in others.

You could find yourself confronting darkness in the outside world through facing extreme situations, or attracting negativity to yourself. Whilst your nature is inherently good, you are learning to experience both the positive and negative aspects of life.

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Through overcoming difficult situations you find your strength and light. The themes which present with this sign on the Ascendant can be described by the mythic tale of Hercules battling the much-feared Hydra, a demonic creature of the Underworld with ten heads and a deadly bite. The Eighth Labour of Hercules tells the story of how he overcame the beast.

Victory required submission rather than brute force. Every time Hercules cut one head off, another would appear.

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This experience could be described as the quintessential lesson for those with Scorpio rising. Jealousy is often an issue, especially in the early part of life. You may find yourself envious of others apparent power, beauty or success — with no rational explanation as to why. This destructive emotion can alienate you from others, generating friction that needs to be released. Envy pulls you down and can trigger a nasty backlash. If not released, resentment and associated feelings fester within, rearing their ugly heads at inopportune times with a powerful and destructive force.

Internal pressure slowly builds until an explosion occurs. Just like the Hydra, toxic emotions can only be conquered through submission.Scorpio people are creative, passionate, intelligent, secretive, and a little mischievous at times. They love to make works of art and to learn about the world around them.

Based on the Scorpio rising meaningtheir true emotions are shown through the artwork they make. They are the happiest when they are making something beautiful or spending time with someone they love. Not everyone is lucky enough to be a Scorpio person, but many people will have Scorpio traits along with their sun sign traits if they are born under Scorpio rising. While rising traits mostly affect recessive traits and traits that others observe at first glance, it is still important for a person to know their rising sign so they can understand themselves better.

ascendant in scorpio

What is my rising sign and what does it mean? Most people do not know what their rising sign is, or even that they have a rising sign. Making art, writing, and playing music are just some of the great ways that this sign has learned how to express itself. According to the Scorpio ascendant predictions, when it comes to making friends, Scorpio people do not judge. They like having some secrets so that people do not know everything about them. They are likely to open up a bit when they get to know someone well.

It is likely no one will ever completely understand a Scorpio person, which gives them an enchanting air of mystery about themselves. Each sign has a chance to go through Scorpio rising once a day, for about two hours. All a person needs to know to find out what their rising sign is are these three things: their sun sign which can be found by using a day they were bornthe time they were born down to the hourand the time the sunrise happened on the day they were born which can be easily found on online almanacs.

Below are each of the Sun Signs with the time that Scorpio Rising passes through it. However, the below times are assuming that the sunrise was at 6 am each day. If a person is born on a day without a 6 am sunrise, then the times all move up or down the difference in time to even things out. Aries people are a force to be reckoned with.

They have great determination, high energy levels, and charisma that anyone would be jealous of. When born under Scorpio ascendantthis sign gains some creativity and intelligence. They may be less social, or at least more secretive, than the average Aries person as well. Taurus people can be stoic, but they are one of the most determined and stable people a person could ever meet. As per the Scorpio rising factsthis sign gets some creativity and passion in their personality. They will have more friends than the average Taurus, although they will be more secretive.

Gemini people are creative, intelligent, and they have loads of friends. When born under Scorpio rising, this sign will only become more creative and intelligent than the average Gemini.

Cancer people are practical, family oriented, and hardworking. When born under Scorpio rising signthis sign will become more creative than most Cancer people.I love sharing my knowledge with others. The rising sign, also called the ascendant, is the zodiac sign or constellation that was rising over the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth.

It is indicated as the first house of your natal or birth chart. The natal chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment you were born in the exact place you were born. It is divided up into twelve "houses," or sections. This sign is just as important as your moon and sun. In ancient astrology, the ascendant was used as your personality guide, but in modern times, we often look to the sun for that.

For instance, when someone asks for "your sign," they're generally asking for your sun. Today, the rising sign is more likely to be used to describe others' first impressions of you, or how you might initially present in social situations. You might say the rising sign is what the world sees in you. Learn more about astrological houses and the distinctions between sun signs and rising signs in this article about birth charts and ascendants.

If you know your birthday, you can easily find your sun sign: For example, if you were born on March 3, your sun sign is Pisces.

But to determine your ascendant, you'll also need to know the time you were born, as this placement changes around every two hours. You can simply enter your birthdate and exact birth time into this rising sign calculator. The time zone is a key factor, so the location of your birth is important as well. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, with two of the most powerful and active ruling planets: Pluto and Mars. It also is the eighth sign of the zodiac, representing the eighth house of sex, transformation, death and rebirth, mysteries, taboos, and other people's money.

Those with this ascendant tend to make wise financial investments, including purchases of real estate.

ascendant in scorpio

Career-wise, they may make terrific firefighters, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and detectives. Of all the water signs, Scorpio represents ice. Fittingly, these people may seem cold and hard in appearance, but with an underflow of turmoil and choppy waters—they are extremely deep-feeling creatures. This sense of emotional intensity underneath the surface can be apparent in their eyes, which may narrow as they assess their environment or you!

They may seem quite mysterious and magnetic at first glance. This ascendant enjoys partners who are very good-looking. Those with this ascendant allow their children to be creative and encourage them to pursue whatever it is they are good at.

They will deeply love and protect their spouse and family. If you want a life of passion and adventure, by all means, find yourself a mate with this ascendant—if you dare. Since the ascendant is often about first impressions, the implications for men and women are quite similar.

If your love interest has Scorpio in the first house, they are likely to have Taurus in the seventh house of partnerships, or a Taurus descendant though this can vary, depending on the exact chart.

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Ascendant in scorpio

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